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I also offer my services as a session drummer


Drums, Batterie, Studio, Session, Meinl, Cymbals, Tama, Starclassic, B/B, Heats, Drumheads, Czarcie Kopyto, Pedals,


Batterie, Drums, Live, Blue, Long Hair, Tama, Starclassic, B/B, Meinl, Cymbals, Czarcie Kopyto, Pedals, Heats, Drumheads, Gaël Hervé

Learning your songs, arranging / composing the drums by adding my personal touch

Recording in my home studio or in the studio of your choice


Drum pre-productions, so you can see the potential result before I hit the studio

Drum scores of what I've recorded

Tight budgets :
Programmed drums 
that replicate my playing & my kit as closely as possible
(multitracks 16 tracks wav 24 bits 44.1kHz + MIDI file)

Learning your live set

Playing with the metronome over sequences


Appearance on your video clips

Playthrough shooting on the songs of your choice

The quotes will vary depending on the number of tracks, the drum time played, and the optional services you want.
For more information or to obtain a personalized quote, do not hesitate to contact me by clicking on the button below.


They trusted me :

Kronos, band
Trepalium, Band
Aro Ora, AO, Band
Opal Insight, Band
Roman Rouzine, guitar
Dysmorphic, Band
Wrath Of The Nebula, Band
Drakwald, Band
Aboroth, Band
Naraka, Band
Toter Fisch, Band
Vestige, band
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