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Carte, Map, Tours, France
Quentin Regnault, Tama, Starclassic B/B, Drums, Batterie, Gibraltar

I am a drum teacher as well as a live and studio session drummer

I am based in Tours, located in the Center Region of France (1 hour by train from Paris)

Aro Ora, Logo, Band, French

But I also drum for the bands ARO ORA and VESTIGE

Vestige band logo & columns

I started the drums at the age of 8, first taking lessons in a municipal school and then continuing as an autodidact.
Realizing my passion for this instrument, I decided to go further by following 2 years of intensive professional training at TOUS EN SCENE.
After that, I obtained the skills certificate from the school, but also the MIMA title  (Current Music Musician & Performer).

I continually seek to progress, improve myself, enrich my playing and my knowledge of the instrument, interact with other musicians, technicians, actors and professionals, while keeping this passion that has driven me since I had the opportunity to touch a drumkit.

My musical influences :
(Drums) : Mario Duplantier, Alex Rudinger, Sebastian Lanser, Chris Coleman, Stef Broks, Anup Sastry, Franky Costanza

(Bands) : Periphery, Meshuggah, Gojira, U2, Coldplay, Cloudkicker, God Is An Astronaut, Hubris, Jon Hopkins, Jake Bowen, C418

- Playthroughs :

- Study of drummer's biomechanics when using the ankle technique :

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